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    FEXTRADING.COM is officially registered company and conducts business under the laws of the United Kingdom. Our main activity is professional trading on cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets. With our company you have the unique opportunity which helps you use all our features. We offer unique investment conditions for all our partners.

  • How can I make sure that your company is real and not a fake one?

    FEXTRADING.COM is officially incorporated on April 2017. You can easily check it on the Companies House website: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10727409

  • Do you provide any proofs of your mining or trading activities?

    No, at the moment this is closed information, but in the future we plan to publish our trade reports regularly. We will announce further, follow our news. By the way, company's office doors are open to visitors daily from Monday to Friday, our office hours from 8am to 5pm. We are waiting for you at "89 Trevelyan Crescent, Harrow, Middlesex, HA3 0RG, United Kingdom" to meet you personally.

  • How can I check the statistics of your company (total accounts, deposits and payouts)?

    We are working on such a possibility. At the moment you can find the information you need on the various forums of investors online and investors blogs.

  • Where is the company located and can I visit your office?

    Company's office doors are open to visitors daily from Monday to Friday, our office hours from 8am to 5pm. We are waiting for you at 89 Trevelyan Crescent, Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom. Just call the number (+44)2077769720 before.

  • How do you use the money of investors?

    We use invested funds to cover all operating costs as well as to update the technical base for trading on cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets private exchange.

  • How safe are my investments in your company?

    It is absolutely safe because all our technical experts are quite experienced; our trading process is accurate and devoid of risk. This is a project of a lifetime for me and I want it to be the same for those who trust me. I will not let you down and none of you will regret joining us. In one year from now, many of you will look back and assess this decision of joining us with joy and wealth. At the end of the day, we are all here to make money but that doesn't mean we can't have this feeling of accomplishment and success. I understand it is hard to trust someone online these days, but we have data and information to backup my words.

  • Can I lose money if I invest now?

    We do not expect any losing activities and you will never lose money here. Because profits from our business are forever.

  • How long will your company work?

    FEXTRADING.COM was recently registered, so we plan to make a stable and profitable cooperation with clients for the next dozens years. If we decide to close our project we will announce this before and return all deposits to investors. This journey is long and we have been working really hard to make FexTrading happen. We understand many of you still feel skeptical due to harmful previous experiences with online investments but we are right when we tell you we are nothing like you have ever seen before. This is a once in a lifetime project for me and I am building this company with my own blood and sweat and will not let any external factor interfere.

  • How many investment projects do you have except this one?

    FEXTRADING.COM is owner only this website, we don't have any others at the moment.

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