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We are a team of independent traders based in England. We started our Fex Trade Club in 2015. Together we bring in more than 5 years of experience in Trading. In the coming two years we have heavily expanded our assets. In the years coming we made over several million Euros with Forex Trading. In 2017 we decided to go online with FexTrading. The main underlying reason for such a decision was the understanding that large investment amounts can be assimilated by our professional team which has developed a highly effective and diversifying strategy. 2017 we added CryptoCurrency Trading to our Portfolio.


Most of our top specialists have worked and have been a part of the club since day one. Our own analytics and a team of financial experts, work in perfect harmony for our success. For that reason we are able to maintain a high quality of analytics and reduced the time of data processing.


Offering every client the opportunity to become a part of the FexTrading activity and receive high regular profits at low risks.

official registration

To date we have registered company in London. We are in the jurisdictional area of the United Kingdom as law-abiding taxpayers; we are in a timely manner accountable for our actions. Two of our data centers are located in the north of the England, in Lasswade and Barrisdale. The convenient geographical location allow us to conduct sufficiently productive activities and have the prospect of development.

Our company made a decision about launching the development of the investment direction, the financial assets of which will be used to cover the running costs, equipment upgrades and maintenance of bank loans. Our offer is perpetual and we are pleased to see among our clients all comers. Please familiarize yourself with registration documents before the start of cooperation. Detailed information about FEXTRADING.COM is available on the official website of UK registrar of companies - Companies House, as well as in this section. All documentation is available for download. « Companies House Certificate »

More details and investment terms can be found in the section « Investments »

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